The Authorized Explanation of the Message.


The Message Teaching

The message-teaching was commissioned by William Branham, the only authorized explanation of his recorded audio sermons, broken down, tape-by-tape, and word-by-word.


The commission of Lee Vayle to break down the message sermons of William Branham  to the ministering laity and public.

Brother Vayle is the single man that identified the Message with the promised Parousia of Christ prior to the second advent, it was first preached in Saskatchewan in 1977,  The Parousia - Saskatchewan  (1977-0717-LV) and again in Toledo, Ohio  The Parousia - Toledo Ohio 1977-1218-LV,  we don't have every sermon on tape but we do see from the recorded sermons that over the next few years he began to go into the scriptures concerning the subject "Appearing & Coming" until 1981 when he preached a series entitled "The Presence".

Then from 1981 after he preached an entire series on 'The Parousia' he began taking the Message sermon by sermon to produce what is called the "Message Teaching Series"  which is a compilation of messages all based on the sermons of William M. Branham, this is when Brother Vayle began to teach directly from the recorded sermons going tape by tape, paragraph by paragraph, line by line, word by word, to give a complete dissertation of the message which the prophet himself had commissioned him to do in 1964 while working with him on the 'Exposition of the Seven Church Ages'.

 Michelangelo: Moses; God: Man July 15, 1984
1.    "Now, back in 1964, when I had received from the church (Branham Tabernacle) the contract to do the writing of the books and all those things"

As we shall see the Parousia absolutely vindicates the commission that Brother Vayle was given to take the messages of the prophet and just as he did with the Church age sermon make them into books so people could study the message teaching, there is no other single revelation that has set forth the message like The Parousia it is the scriptural identification of the ministry of Brother Branham and is the key to the true understanding of the message.

The promised "Parousia" has been one of the greatest mysteries of the Bible, Jesus spoke of it in His Olivet discourse, it is a major theme of the New Testament, it is the parousia that was to be the hope of the church not the second advent .i.e coming, had the translators correctly translated parousia "presence" instead of "coming" the church would have been watching and looking for the promised parousia of Christ, the Presence of the Son of Man in which it was to realize its hope of a first resurrection, change of the body and rapture.

Brother Vayle was not the first to comment on the parousia before a second advent, some of the great men of God like Joseph Bryant Rotherham of the Emphasized Bible, and Israel P. Warren and others had pointed out that whatever the nature of the parousia it was not to be interpreted as a coming but rather as an arrival (presence), the Watchtower had their own version of the parousia which they claim was fulfilled in 1914, but like many other forerunners they could not produce the vindication to make such a claim, just as John Alexander Dowie was heralded as the coming of Elijah right before God sent the true Elijah of Mal 4 (William M. Branham)

MARCH 1977

It was in March of 1977 as Brother Vayle had sought the answer to the mysterious words of Brother Branham, "The Appearing & Coming are two different things" that he went before the Lord one last time, knowing that the secret things belong to the Lord, here in his own words is how this great mystery of the promised parousia was opened to him which shows the parousia precedes the literal second coming.

Miscellaneous: The Presence - The Kingdom Journey P:11
11  "So, all right now: the Appearing. So, when Bro. Branham said, "'Appearing' and 'coming' are two different word; 'appearing' is now." Well, to appear now, He's got to be here! I didn't realize that! But, I knew if Bro. Branham said, "They're two different words," there had to be two different words in the Bible, or he lied to us. And I'd looked, and I'd looked, and I'd looked, and I told you before how I finally went to God, and you know I will not go to God and try to bluff. What I'm going to tell you this morning, I never bluffed my way to at all. I just waited for my answers. And I'm still waiting for answers, of course, and I'll get more when I get to the other side. I'm quite sure But I wouldn't bluff God and try to say, "Now, look Lord, I'm going to tell you what. You've got to show me, because I'm looking." I merely said, "Lord, look I'm going to look one more time, and, if You show me, fine; if You don't that's fine. I'll never bother You again, because the thing is, You don't want to show me now, and I haven't got it." So, I went there. And to my utter amazement I found the word 'parousia', which means 'He is present'. And, if He's present, then He's appearing. You can't have something that appears, that's not there, to appear! 'Appear' means 'to manifest'. And also, that word 'appear' has another meaning to it, which inculcates the thought of... How would you put it? not just being present but 'restoring'. It also has a basic thought of restoring. So, if it's going to be appearing, and you use the term, you could also use the term 'this appears'. Now that's not the true term. 'This appears to be so and so, and it turns out that it wasn't so and so'. So, now we're looking at this word 'to inculcate and bring forth reality'; so that you know that you know and your knowledge is correct. As Bro. Branham said, "This Message is proven scientifically."

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About Bro. Vayle

"But I believe definitely that a commission was given me from God and reiterated by the Prophet, that I was to break down what he said and bring it to the people. To explain him and his message and ministry to the people. I've done that all my life. That's the only thing I Knew How." Lee Vayle

Bro. Branham told me after I wrote the books; he said, “Lee, I believe as God gave Aaron to Moses to explain his ministry, He gave you to me to explain me and my ministry.” I am doing it...
— Lee Vayle

And if there’s anything you lack of understanding, something that you do not understand, my associate Brother Vayle here, is available at all times to explain anything that seems mysterious to you ministering brethren
Brother Lee Vayle, he’s a writer for the Tabernacle here, of the literature and books, and so forth. Very precious brother, he’s been with me in many campaigns. Wished I had a chance to let every minister, to get him up here and talk to him.
See, what I’m confessing to you, Lee, is you know that I understand and you understand this position. But I can’t tell it to the people. See?
— William Branham